Environmental Law

Our team in environmental law is specialized in three main areas.
The first area consists in advisory on legal environmental compliance. This includes the mapping and evaluation of relevant regulations to company and project management, the diagnosis of environmental compliance of companies or projects, and accompaniment in compliance processes and dealings with public institutions.
The regulatory strategy is the second area of expertise. This focuses on the constant regulatory monitoring including all the legal, regulatory, and jurisprudential data. Likewise, it approaches the evaluation and analysis of current trends in environmental public policy at a national and international level, and the development and implementation of compliance strategies that anticipate regulatory changes.
Finally, the third area specializes in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It is interested in addressing the implementation of environmental legal compliance certifications (ISO, FSSC, etc.), the advisory on the implementation of environmental certifications, the recognition processes such as carbon neutrality, Blue Flag, Essential Costa Rica, and the certification of Tourism Sustainability and the public-private partnership.